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3D Video Microscope(BVM-20104)

Product Function Description:
The microscope is configured with 1.3M HD industrial camera. VGA image output interface, can be connected to the computer and monitor directly. clear and vivid image, taking photos, SD card storage, auto exposure. Camera is equipped with remote control panel, which makes the operation much easier. Optical lens keep parfocal under zoom, there is no deviation for center; 3D rotary observation

Product Main Parameters:

Microscope configuration: 0.7-4.5X zoom body, 0.5X coupler, 0.75X lens (2D/3D)
Monitor: 17 inch color monitor, resolution: 1024 * 768(optional)
Magnification: 25-160X (17 inch monitor)
Working distance: 100mm (2D), 50mm (3D)
Field of view: 13.5mmx10mm
Digital Camera: 1.3M VGA camera, 4G SD card, remote control
Light source: high brightness LED ring light
Stand: 39mm post stand

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